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Kate Miller-Heidke Interview

Brisbane songwriter Kate Miller-Heidke warns Rip It Up she loathes “bullshit” interviews that sensationalise her quotes, yet proceeds to spill the beans on her recreational drug use, weird nervous tics and teenage propensity for turning boyfriends gay. Lie down on the couch and start from the beginning, Ms Miller-Heidke… “My first kiss was terrible,” the […]


Tegan & Sara Interview

Although Canadian duo Tegan & Sara have previously notched up collaborations with artists as diverse as Against Me!, Tiësto and Kaki King, it was still surprising to see Sara Quin’s name pop up last year in the songwriting credits on fellow Canadian pop star Carly Rae Jepsen’s debut Kiss. With the Call Me Maybe star […]


Owl Eyes Interview

Label dramas look like the obvious reason for the delayed release of Owl Eyes’ debut album Nightswim, but YouTube cats can also shoulder some of the blame. Owl Eyes (AKA Brooke Addamo) suggests late nights in the studio saw her attention inevitably turning to feline follies. “I love Googling cats doing stupid things,” Addamo admits. […]


Mojo Juju Interview

Dismissing its numeric omen, the 13th Adelaide Cabaret Festival is set to drag Adelaide out of its post-festival slump with a diverse line-up Artistic Director Kate Ceberano describes as “bursting at the seams”. Ahead of this weekend’s full program announcement, Rip It Up speaks to Melbourne’s Mojo Juju about the event. Following in the tradition […]


Live Review: Iggy & The Stooges at Thebarton Theatre, Mon Mar 25

“Soon you will see the reason I exist, ladies and gentlemen,” a bearded Tex Perkins announces near the close of Beasts Of Bourbon’s ceiling shuddering set. It’s easy to see the link between this howling tower of pub rock and the headliners; Beasts Of Bourbon’s music is similarly caught between the cell bars and dive […]


Iggy & The Stooges Interview

It’s 7000 kilometres from Michigan Palace, Detroit, to The Prince’s Palace, Monaco, but for Stooges guitarist James Williamson, the emotional distance is even greater. One of his final shows with The Stooges in 1974 saw the band bottled by hostile bikers angered by frontman Iggy Pop’s lip. Within six months of his return to the […]


Black Sabbath: Ozzy Osbourne Interview

Never let it be said that Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne is averse to trying new things. In 2012, the metal icon and former slaughterhouse worker went vegan. Unlike his animal-loving friend Paul McCartney, Osbourne quickly conceded defeat. “I tried it, but I didn’t last more than a week or two,” Osbourne admits. “I’m eating […]


Rita Ora Interview

In the space of three years, 22-year-old Londoner Rita Ora has signed with Jay-Z, toured with Coldplay and recorded with Snoop Lion, but there’s one big question Rip It Up wants answered: which of the Future Music Festival superstar’s collaborators smells the best? “I think I will have to say Drake,” Ora laughs. “Drake smells […]


Live Review: Laneway Festival At Fowler’s Live & UniSA City West, Fri Feb 8

The festival equivalent of the Cheers bar, Laneway Festival is the one where everybody knows your name. Sold-out in the days after Triple J listeners realised that at least four acts from the Hottest 100 top 10 were on the bill, this year’s Adelaide event appeared dangerously close to descending into an all-out riot. While […]


Live Review: Big Day Out at Adelaide Showground, Fri Jan 25

While the downsized version of the Big Day Out that befell Adelaide and Perth in 2012 aimed at “recapturing the magic of early Big Day Out shows”, it appeared that bigger, is in fact, better, with the misguided plans of Ken West to send Big Day Out 20 years in the past scrapped to bring […]