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Real History of Science Fiction

This September, a new documentary series will go where no man has gone before (well, SBS ONE).

chosen few

Full Tote Odds: The Chosen Few

Adelaide hip hop group Full Tote Odds are back with the release of their sophomore album The Chosen Few.


Ezra Furman: Perpetual Motion People

Furman sings, “I can’t tell music from heaven, from music from hell,” which quite honestly represents how I feel about Perpetual Motion People.


Morning Harvey: love&loveand.

“…driven by Spencer White’s harmonious vocals and exude feel good psych-pop vibes.”

28 Futuresounds-crown-and-sceptre-Kristy-Delaine-AKphotography-810x540

REVIEW: Futuresounds IV, Crown and Sceptre

“One of the night’s most talented acts was the charming Hummingbird, a transient melting pot of languid vocals and beat/bass production.”

methyl ethel

Methyl Ethel: Oh Inhuman Spectacle

“Let’s hope Perth keeps producing weird and wonderful bands like Methyl Ethel.”

harts ep

Harts: Breakthrough EP

“…brimming with textbook guitar riffs that sound copied-and-pasted.”

01 Funkoars-The-Gov-Kristy-Delaine-AKPhotography-810x540

REVIEW: Funkoars, The Gov

“We told you it was gonna get loud in Adelaide!”

Lindes Lane Jaffle

First taste: Lindes Lane

Lindes Lane has come a long way from its pop-up street party days.


Review: Tex Perkins and the Dark Horses

“As Perkins remained on a taut leash to the mic, he charmed the crowd with funny quips and undeniable charisma”