We’re The Millers Review

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Another ‘bad taste’ American comedy, this time from director/bit-player Rawson Marshall Thurber (Dodgeball), this offers a few nasty laughs and vaguely amusing ‘outrageous’ moments before conspicuously running out of story and throwing in lots of time-wasting silliness.

David Clark (Jason Sudeikis), a popular Denver drug dealer, is robbed and must make it up to his showboating superior (Ed Helms from those Hangovers) by transporting a ‘small’ shipment of marijuana across the border from Mexico, and decides that a ‘family’ and a cheesy, Ned Flanders-like manner will distract the authorities.

And so, after assembling ‘wife’ (ie stripper) Rose (Jennifer Aniston), ‘son’ (ie weirdo loser) Kenny (Will Poulter) and ‘daughter’ (ie runaway) Casey (Emma Roberts), they set off in a motorhome, discover that the ‘small’ shipment is gigantic, piss off bigtime baddies, get propositioned by a corrupt cop (Luis Guzmán hopefully offsetting the racist edge) and find themselves forced to endure a ridiculous, plot-padding sequence involving a CGI tarantula.

As with most other wannabecrude US laffers, this has a script that initially manages a surprise or two and nearly makes you like the characters until the ideas (or the dope) run out, and everyone’s forced to ham it up, swear their heads off and drop their pants for serious scrotum jokes.


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