The Bling Ring Review

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The Bling Ring is a American satirical black comedy/crime film based on actual events, directed, written and produced by Sofia Coppola. While many loved Coppola’s earliest pics (especially Lost In Translation), no one was happy with Marie Antoinette and many loathed Somewhere, and this based-on-fact latest again opts for a cheesy study of fame, and offers characters who almost dare you to like them.

Relocated and troubled LA schoolkid Marc (Israel Brossard as ostensibly the ‘hero’ here) meets dreamy Rebecca (Katie Chang) and her bestie Chloe (Claire Julien) and, through them, forms a clique with goofily home-schooled Nicki (Emma Watson) and her ‘adopted sister’ Sam (Taissa Farmiga).

As the vacuous group’s members crave celebrity, they decide to break into the houses of the rich and overprivileged (Paris Hilton, Megan Fox, Orlando Bloom), a scheme they fulfill with amazing ease and which they enjoy thoroughly until the cops inevitably get involved, as Coppola seems never truly sure if she’s condemning these teenie nitwits, tiredly criticising empty contemporary times or having a good old wallow in all the tedious glamour.

While the cast is okay (with the unknown Broussard and Chang as strong as Watson and Farmiga, best-known for the rst series of TV’s American Horror Story), there’s ultimately little power or point to this one, and it winds up almost perfectly dull and unmoving. Like, you know, totes.


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