R.I.P.D. Review

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Complicatedly drawn from Peter M Lenkov’s Dark Horse comic (oops, sorry, ‘graphic novel’), director Robert (Red) Schwentke’s FX-crammed actioner suspiciously resembles the Men In Black films (also drawn from ‘graphic novels’) with a cheesy paranormal makeover.

A virtuous Boston cop named Nick (Ryan Reynolds) is deliberately killed by corrupt colleague Hayes (Kevin Bacon, and no spoilers necessary, so don’t worry) during a bungled drug raid and finds himself in a sort of gigantic afterlife police station that looks awfully like MIB headquarters, and after the deadpan Proctor (Red’s Mary-Louise Parker) explains that he’s now part of RIPD (Rest In Peace Department), Nick’s paired up with wisecracking former 1800s lawman Roy (Jeff Bridges in the Tommy Lee Jones role) to track down ‘Deados’, monstrous but disguised souls who have somehow (don’t ask) escaped judgment.

And all this is most fortunate too, as it’s Nick who realises that a conspiracy is afoot to bring about a sort of lame supernatural apocalypse, and he and the cowboy-hatted Roy must defy ‘Eternal Affairs’ and stop ‘The End’, even if it does mean that they’ll be facing ‘erasure’ (and that’s not the ‘80s band either). Bridges has fun slumming here, but even he can’t save it from kicking the bucket about halfway through.


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