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The third installment in the adventures of producer Vin Diesel’s über-badass, glowing contacts-wearing and misunderstood murderer Riddick begins like the original Pitch Black, turns into something like a low-grade slasher movie with tedious Chronicles Of Riddick-like dialogue, and then throws in a PB-ish finale, as if writer/director David Twohy couldn’t think of another way to end it.

Baldie Riddick (who the camera eats up with almost homoerotic glee) is introduced alone on an alien planet with narrating flashbacks explaining how he got there. Then we have half-an-hour of him fighting monsters and befriending a CGI hyena/wolf beastie.

When two ships full of bounty hunters that include Johns (Matt Nable), Santana (Jordi Mollà) and Dahl (Katee Sackhoff) turn up, Riddick promises to do them all in, one by one, as they argue like idiots and seem surprised as he does just that, before heavy rain starts and the ground outside splits, and out crawl creatures that don’t care which of the remaining bunch has a price on their heads.

Fans should be happier with this pulpy nonsense than they were with the dull Chronicles. There could even be another sequel which, given the way that these titles seem to shrink as we go along (The Chronicles Of Riddick to just Riddick), might simply be called Dick.


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