Fix Reviews: Sun Mar 10

Judith Lucy & Denise Scott – The Spiral
The Garden Of Unearthly Delights’ Vagabond, Sun Mar 10
Without wanting to harp on about the heat… but hell it was hot in there! While we sweltered in our seats, the two comedic lovelies on stage were on fire, steaming out one hilarious joke, anecdote and self-deprecating insult after another.
A bit like a variety talk show on oestrogen, these stars of stage, screen and pen treated us to a screened interview as authors by ABC’s Tuesday Book Club host Jason Steger, some re-enactments of their despair-filled lunches as they try to complete their second books and a dance routine to Rihanna’s S&M that raised the temperature to boiling… and we loved it!
Judith Lucy & Denise Scott are entities all of their own; household names with collective careers spanning decades, together their comedic timing and ability to get the ‘I understand all too well’ empathic laugh is spot on. Judith Lucy & Denise Scott really are the Royal Ladies of Australian Comedy!
Final Word: Steaming!
Catherine Blanch
Judith Lucy & Denise Scott perform at The Garden Of Unearthly Delights’ Vagabond until Sun Mar 17.

Of Dysentery And Madness: A Trapper’s Tale
The Tuxedo Cat – Green Room, Sun Mar 10
Written by Wil Greenway with characters workshopped by the cast, this Trapper’s Tale is a little existential, a little theatre of the absurd, slightly silly and, above all, laugh-out-loud entertaining. Set in Antarctica, the Trapper, admirably performed by Luke Lennox, finds himself all alone in his final hours of life, with only his dysentery and madness for company.
All his pals are dead, seen off by polar bears (yes, they inhabit the Arctic, just go with it), drowned, or worse. Caryn, a singing penguin (occasionally cross-dressing as a parrot), and the other two characters Vic (Wil Greenway) and Jemima (Kellie Tori), appear as ghosts in his hallucinatory fog of existence. Much of the dialogue unravels the sad stories of the characters, interspersed with visual gags and throw-away lines which provides the humour.
The language is a little coarse but doesn’t detract from what is a finely crafted production.
Final Word: Madcap.
Carl Cranstone
Of Dysentry And Madness: A Trapper’s Tale continues at The Tuxedo Cat – Green Room until Sun Mar 17.

Mission Twinpossible
Gluttony – The Piglet Sun Mar 10
Identical twins Ben and James Stevenson are an extremely likeable, easygoing pair; their choice to ‘ditch the day job’ and focus on their comedy full-time is absolutely worthwhile. Their set is performed musically and is a bundle of laughs from start to finish, allowing very little room in between their lightning quick lyrics for actual breathing.
Stories of their childhood and family can be related to most in the audience, their internationally adaptable renditions of James Blunt music was highly giggle-worthy and a lengthy song arguing the merits of singledom versus a relationship had us in stitches. Lot of sexual innuendo and a breathy, funny song about the 25 Steps To Sex, along with a gentle heckling of an unfortunately seated couple on the first row on their first date provided excellent improvisation, showing off their genuine quick wit.
Great to see a full house for opening night. Excellent value; highly recommended!
Final Word: Chortleworthy.
Sian Williams
Mission Twinpossible continues at Gluttony – The Piglet until Sun Mar 17.

Fluffy – A Rock ‘N’ Roll Soap Opera
Freak Central – Caos Café, Sun Mar 10
If you like your performance art without any art, your humour without any humour and your mixed media totally confused, this is the show for you. If you love a loud thrashy-pseudo-punk-style band (definitely not rock‘n’roll!) with very basic but good thrash playing, unintelligible lyrics and terrific screaming from a cute female lead, get along to see it.
What were they thinking? The ‘storyline’ depicted on the screen was cringe-worthy and the ensuing additions to the live performance, including the unscripted and repetitive drivel from Fluffy, bordered on embarrassing: I did laugh at the pegged man though. Sitting through the band’s sound-check after scheduled show time would have been worth it if we had any quality in the show. Alas, one act was more than enough and I just couldn’t face the rest.
Stick to your thrash band, which will have appeal for the right audiences.
Final Word: Whatthe…?
Nikki Fort
Fluffy – A Rock ‘N’ Roll Soap Opera continues at Freak Central – Register Street City West until Fri Mar 15.

Smiedt Pray Love
Gluttony – The Piglet, Sun Mar 10
David Smiedt performed well under the gruelling conditions on this hot night, interacting excellently with his crowd and gently poking fun at the reviewer (myself), a trio of Gen Ys in the front row and his own genitals. Well-researched local gags involving Cibo and the Polites family had us all snickering.
Born in South Africa, but proudly Australian, Smiedt provided hilarious renditions of his first experience with a huntsman spider and his idea for a new reality TV show called Border Chef. His distaste at the idiocies of modern names gifted to babies and an acknowledgment that perhaps Bunnings is the place to collect yourself a lesbian lover were spot on.
Great one-liners and a very likeable and expression-filled face made one laugh even if you didn’t quite get the joke – because he obviously was enjoying himself so much on stage. Refreshing, sincere and engaging.
Final Word: Witty.
Sian Williams
Smiedt Pray Love continues at Gluttony – The Piglet until Sun Mar 17.

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